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Homemade provisions

What is 'homemade provisions' all about? It is all about the love for our dogs and homemade things, provisions.

The beginning of 2019:

 Steve and I decided it would be beneficial for us if he would be the one going to work and me staying home to take care of house, kids, dogs and homestead. We started contemplating how we could supplement our income, in a way we can continue this endeavor once we live off the grid, and Steve being retired from the corporate world. Our dogs came to mind.

Being the big dog loving people we are, we decided to build on that. We started baking dog treats. These yummy goodies have been the hit for many of our family and friends, and their pooches. So we went ahead, registered with the state and created our little family business.

Our dog treats were accompanied by the lovely Branch Craft the hubby came up with while we were clearing out land on our property to set up tents. After coming home he went straight to work in his woodshop and handmade the most beautiful branch art we also have everywhere in our house. It is so nice to look at, makes gorgeous presents and gives our home a very earthy and natural look in between our many plants.

Not long after bringing the Branch Craft idea to life, we had a conversation about how hard it is to find dog collars and leashes for the big dogs. Knowing we stick to our big dogs, we came up with the idea of making them. The "Rottie Magee Line" was born - well, the idea of it.

Currently we are working on paracord and rope items for our Rottie Magee Line, inspired by the song "Me and Bobby McGee", by Janis Joplin. To us, our dogs are our greatest companions. We love them, we lose them, we miss them and we remember them - with our shop.

Yes, this is us, The Magee's - homemade provisions, with focus on the big dog.

Thanks for checking in :) Feel free to email us with any questions you have.

We meet local for deliveries and can ship as well.