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2019 what a pleasure it has been...

As we look back on our accomplishments for the year 2019 we see so much of a difference.
The first two years it seemed we did nothing but dig and collect rocks, shovel trenches and water breaks. Filled holes, and washed out 3 foot deep ditches with trees, rocks and gravel. It was hard,  long, never ending labor.
Today, a week before 2019 is ending, we have the floor and the frames of two side walls for our workshop up. We have cleared about 1000  square feet of land. Trees were cut down and used for many different things. Firewood for countless meals we cooked over the pit to feed our family breakfast, lunch, and dinner. To stay warm on colder days and nights, and of course have delicious camp coffee. Steve makes the best camp coffee. Me, not so much. I do the cooking more so. Additionally we were able to bring home wood to dry and use for our shops 'FetchABranch' . Steve creates beautiful crafts from the dried wood we sell online, as well as  craft fairs. We have been reusing where we could.
Clearing the space also helped us locate old outgrown paths that shaped some orientation. The kids find their ways around very well in the Workshop area and where our future garden will be. Odin also was laid to rest there. We have come a long way. Our campsite is pretty much set. We set up between 3-4 tents, depending if we have our friend Will with us. The kids know how and where to set up their tents and beds on their own which is a great time saver. Once this is done, Steve usually gets to work and I start setting up our cooking/ kitchen arrangements. The dogs, Titan and Kronos have also learned their way around and have started to explore further.
So yes, this year we have had great success. We see a big difference which is very motivating for us to continue. The kids are eager to learn (sometimes more, sometimes less of course)more about the buildings, techniques and tools. They are getting better at shooting the guns. We have a little shooting range set up where they can target practice. It is a fun reward and motivator for them.
All in all, this was a great year for us. May 2020 continue to work in our favor. Everybody staying (semi)uninjured and open minded for editing and changes, weather interruptions and just little things Mother nature decides to bring upon us. Knocking on all the wood we have we will start building the cabin/house sooner than later -but first, we have to add a driveway.
Closing out this year, we want to thank everyone who has supported our journey. Buying our homemade items, homemade provisions, may not seem much to many but to us it means alot. We add tools, hardware, and machines to our inventory and other little needs along the road. Our shop is a nice, beneficial addition to our family goals and plans. It is a long and curvey road but we have been fortunate when it comes to walking it in a consistant pace with little obstacles.
So, thank you all so very much!! Stay tuned for more updates, and don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter :)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a very Happy New Year!

The Magee's